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"Stay away from Orange County. They ain't no joke." - Pimp

The Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force continues to transform Orange County into a community inhospitable to perpetrators of human trafficking and best-positioned to help victims emerge from crisis and to refer them to the appropriate assistance needed. Although the application of the victim-centered approach manifests differently from agency to agency in everyday function and field perspective, the partnering agencies still employ the bigger picture model to successfully identify new victims and curb human trafficking crimes. 


The Human Trafficking vertical prosecution unit with the Orange County District Attorney's Office consists of five felony prosecutors handling all human trafficking, pimping and pandering cases in Orange County. Between 2013 and 2018, a total of 504 cases of human trafficking, pimping and pandering were prosecuted. The longest time sentenced on a human trafficking case and was found guilty by a jury was 233 years to life in state prison.


Great efforts and success have been made in bringing perpetrators to justice and recovering victims. However, in the process we have learned that approximately 80% of the victims and traffickers come to Orange County from across the state and nation. These numbers show Orange County's demand side of the human trafficking problem. This is due in part to Orange County's tourist attractions, sports venues, beach cities and affluent population. Traffickers bring their victims expecting to have an abundance of customers and higher profits. In response, a three-pronged approach to address the demand side of the problem includes awareness, enforcement and publicity campaign.


Task Force Investigators are comprised of full-time investigators and detectives from six local police agencies; with agency support from the police departments of their jurisdiction. Law enforcement investigations begin with the assumption that individuals trafficked are victims of crime working under control or threat. In addition to learning new investigative techniques, by employing the victim-centered approach investigators are able to gain the cooperation of victims earlier and increase the apprehension rate of perpetrators. As part of the application of this approach, 24/7 victim advocate and CSEC emergency social worker response assistance and resources are included once victims are identified.

"The Anaheim Police Department is proud to host the enforcement arm of the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force as we work with our partners to combat the scourge of modern day slavery."

Jorge Cisneros, Chief of Police, Anaheim Police Department

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