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Featured stories of our survivors and partners in the fight against human trafficking. These are the stories of trauma, pain, survival, perseverance, anger, compassion, determination, frustration, patience, sadness, self-doubt, inspiration, humility and hope. As humans, we experience it all. Just never at the same time with each other.


These human interest stories are not meant to satisfy all of the "why" questions or provide fool-proof solutions to the problem. They are stories that highlight that in the midst of the fight, they are people who care enough to still be part of something that means something to them. Whether fighting to survive quietly in their lives in the space of privacy or standing in front at the battle lines, each are inspired in their own way.  



If you are a member, organization, volunteer, or client with the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force and have a story to share in the anti-human trafficking movement, we would love to hear from you. Our Task Force was built on stories that were passed on, as stories are the only things that will survive time. 

Thanks for submitting!

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