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Healthcare Subcommittee

Medical Record Analysis
Medical Specialists

Our Mission

As healthcare professionals, the OCHTTF Healthcare Subcommittee aims to provide information & tools necessary for recognizing & responding to victims and survivors of human trafficking by utilizing a trauma-informed best practice approach to facilitate appropriate healthcare in a collaborative effort with the task force at large.

Action steps: We know survivors intersect with healthcare and often remain invisible due to multiple survivor and provider-related barriers. To improve healthcare outcomes for survivors, their families, and those vulnerable, we need to go beyond raising awareness. The pillars were designed to be implemented together, empowering healthcare professionals and institutions to create a comprehensive, evidence-based approach that closes gaps in recognition, response, treatment, and long-term care coordination. Contribution: ReVEST Medical Experts, LLC. 

About the OCHTTF
Healthcare Subcommittee

Co-chair, Corey Rood, MD
Co-chair, Lisa Murdock, RN

CalOptima, CAST Medical, CHOC Hospital, Global Center for Women & Justice, Orange County Healthcare Agency, UCI Health, UCI Trauma

Know More, Do Better: For Healthcare Providers

When: Friday May 2, 2025

Where: TBD

What: OCHTTF Healthcare Subcommittee and Cycling for Change presents a free lunch & learn seminar for healthcare professionals. Public education event. 

RSVP: Stay tuned. Spaced limited. Reserve your seat.

Marble Pillars

Pillars of the
Healthcare Subcommittee

Explore the pillars of expertise.

As you navigate you will find engaging representation of each pillar with an accompanying clickable bubble providing access to in-depth resources and details. 

Immerse yourself in our array of pillars, each standing as a testament to our commitment to improving healthcare quality and  outcomes utilizing a evidence-based approach. 

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Policy and




A comprehensive approach requires reliable data to ascertain the number of victims and survivors encountered within the healthcare system, their identification methods, the accuracy and effectiveness of staff education, the responses and services offered, and their efficacy both in the short term and over time. Gathering and distributing data are crucial to combating human trafficking. This process necessitates an organizational, institutional approach and collaboration with community organizations to track these incidents to improve long-term outcomes and service provision.

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Screening and


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Referral and


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Are you a healthcare professional and interested in joining the work of the OCHTTF Healthcare Subcommittee? 

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