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"Learning about the penal codes coupled with the knowledge of the prosecutors help build the confidence to arrest properly. The presence of survivors and their shared stories assisted in understanding the concept of victimization." 

"All of the training was valuable. The topics, instructors, DA's office, and survivors. A version of this training should be mandatory for all law enforcement. The passion of the instructors is very obvious and makes the training exciting and personal."

"I valued the entire training. As a law enforcement officer from northern California, with a lot of time on, I thought I had seen most everything. The entire course had made me realize countless signs. I valued the investigative tools and testimonials from the victims. I learned to better recognize the basic elements of human trafficking and how to possibly apply this new awareness while investigating other black market crimes." 

"I valued the evidence collection portion of the class. It really helped me understand what the prosecutors are looking for to help them file cases. After this class, I feel more confident running operations. This class was what I and my team needed to feel more prepared to do these types of ops." 

"I valued the overall and complete educational approach of this class. The step by step explanation of "how to" and pitfalls was very helpful." 

"The class was great. It was clear to see a lot of work and thought was put into the presentation. It was well organized and easy to follow along. I learned how to conduct human trafficking investigations from beginning to end. I have always found debriefs to be the best part of any class. Having the survivors speak took it to the next level. It added an emotional component which helped remind me why we do this. Great three days. I did not expect to enjoy this class as much as I did. It was informative and kept my attention the whole time"

"Having current cases and experience was the most valuable for me. This is above and beyond other trainings. The content, pictures, videos and examples speak volumes and quality. I learned to broaden my view of human trafficking. With many laws and bills downgrading classifications and penalties, it's great to know a good human trafficking case will have a good outcome."

"I valued the dedication of the instructors and how well done the training was. This class completely changed my views of prostitution. There should be a course in the P.O.S.T. police academies." 

"I valued the experience each participant brought and the level of caliber of the presentation put together. I learned that I knew very little about human trafficking. This course has exposed me to a lot of information." 

"This course should be mandatory for all investigators and field training officers. I personally am able to better identify indicators of human trafficking activity, provide resources for victims, and teach other officers and supervisors the pervasive problem. Thank you for the best human trafficking class I've ever attended. I will be sure to recommend this course to my colleagues statewide." 

"I valued the time and efforts put into this presentation. I have been to several presentations throughout my career, however, this by far has been the best presentation I have been to. I am in the gang unit at my department. I have learned that a human trafficking case holds more water than a gang member with a firearm. Gang members are now running girls and I now know how to start an investigation on human trafficking to put gang members away for some time." 

"I valued the personalities of the presenters overall. It's difficult to take in any large volume of information in one sitting. You all have great sense of humors which goes a long way and keeps the interest of your audience. The interview process for the pimp and victim were simplified and easily understood. This is a key training course for any truly who have a passion for this type of investigation." 

"I valued the experience of the presenters, the breakdown of the culture, and re-cementing the value of proper evidence collection. The survivor's presentation really brings it home and makes it human. Unfortunately, people get de-humanized in this line of work. I really enjoyed hearing them and it changed my perspectives."

"The dedication and passion to helping victims is clearly evident by the presenters. It has definitely changed my perception. The structure of the training made it easy for me to understand. I appreciated the willingness of the presenters to answer questions. Very approachable. Having the survivors speak has changed my opinion regarding this issue." 

"I valued the input from the prosecutors and what is needed or not to successfully prosecute these cases. Also, I valued the personal experiences shared in investigating these cases. Before this class, I knew nothing about pimp and prostitute culture. I wasn't even sure exactly what human trafficking entailed. This class was eye opening. This class is a must for all law enforcement." 


Police Investigator

The instructors cared, competent, knowledgeable and also humble which was great. The training was three full days with no wasted times. I've been to numerous trainings that just filled time with fluff to meet their hour quota. The prosecutor and survivor's perspectives were also great. 

Foreign Delegation

This meeting was the highlight of our visitor's leadership training program. We were extremely pleased with the substance, format, and hospitality. No comparison.

Patrol Officer

I valued the knowledge, experience, teaching style and methodology of the instructors. I learned that human trafficking is not women being driven around in the back of a locked up U-Haul and being kept in a locked cellar with chains.


Human trafficking trainings available for law enforcement include a 1-day First Responders course and 3-day Investigations and Prosecutions course. Amended versions of these courses can be made depending on the requested training priority need, such as additional practical tools on how to run collaborative Task Forces or field ops. The Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force does not have a set training calendar for law enforcement and the ability to put together trainings for other agencies or counties are based on availability of instructors, funds and time. However, we partner with the California Narcotics Officers' Association to conduct the 3-day investigations course and recommend signing up for those set courses when available.  

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