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Stones of Meaning


In 2015, the OCHTTF piloted a Faith Based Advisory Council (FBAC) to help better understand, support and meet the increased needs of the faith community in Orange County as it relates to learning about human trafficking.


In 2019, the now Faith Based Action Committee is moving forward in a more organized structure to find more efficient ways to leverage the strengths of the faith community in collaboration and inclusive of all faiths.

FBAC is a unified team of various faiths with the common goal to mobilize resources and people towards filing the gaps and needs identified by the OCHTTF lead team, and to help bring hope and restoration to those they serve.

When I speak to groups across the state in assisting them to develop a collaborative for their area, I highly recommend that they reach out to the faith based community.

The success of the OCHTTF has been, in large part, due to collaboration with people of faith in giving them an avenue for putting their callings into action.

Being part of the Task Force has been so incredibly humbling to see everyone come together for a cause regardless of what church they belong to and not have their own agenda.

Task Force Sergeant

FBAC Committee Member



Provide direction and oversight. Plan FBAC meetings and provide support for core team members.


Assist Chair in leading FBAC subcommittees by providing direction and oversight. Help provide leadership to FBAC core team.


Provide administrative support to the FBAC core team. Help document and organize.


Manage and coordinate prayer needs. Help find counseling and spiritual direction resources.


Primary contact and connector of various faith groups wanting to learn how to get involved with anti-trafficking efforts.


General members supporting the core team members and subcommittees.


Christmas Gift


Holiday gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas have traditionally been sponsored by our faith based community organizations. The holidays tend to be one of the hardest times of the year for the victims and survivors, because it usually emphasizes around family which is often times absent in their life. Our community churches have graciously stepped in to bring a little bit of love and compassion this time of year with a party and/or gift giving.


TERM 1 - 2015

Anaheim Vineyard Church, Sisters of St. Joseph, Friends Church, Pacific Youth Correction Ministry, Abeni, Southlands Church, St. Vincent de Paul Church, Trinity United Presbyterian Church, Hope Community Church, and Magnolia Baptist Church

TERM 2 - 2017

Anaheim Vineyard Church, Sisters of St. Joseph, Friends Church, Hope Community Church, Magnolia Baptist Church, St. Killian Church, Eastside Church, Antioch Church, and St. Mark Presbyterian Church.

TERM 3 - 2019

Vineyard of Harvest, Magnolia Baptist Church, Friends Church, Orange County Diocese, Calvary Chapel Refuge

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