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If you would like to make a donation to support victims of human trafficking in Orange County, any extra support or ability to save for an emergency rainy day is greatly appreciated.

Community donations have helped make some of the most impossible things possible for our work and survivors.


Donations such as care gift baskets, emergency backpacks, food, toiletries, household items or court kits can vary throughout the year. 

Money or gift card donations are always welcomed. 


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In 2015, Southlands Church Brea connected with the OCHTTF and wanted to figure out how they could best help out. These questions were asked:


(1) What was your church already good at doing?

(2) What does your church community want to do?

(3) What does the OCHTTF need help with? 


As case management support increased, feedback from our case managers was helping with school supplies as clients expressed interest in returning to school and get a better future. The response from Southlands Church was that they were able to organize an human trafficking awareness event and fundraiser at their church. They wanted to help out wherever there was a need.  This collaboration birthed the "Rising Above" Scholarship.     

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Non-traditional victim services are essential to the case management support, as well as creative movement with clients towards more stable living. Those services include activities such as providing alternative avenues to assist victims in mental health and therapy needs.


We recognize that traumatic events impact humans on all levels. Unlike trauma caused by natural disasters and accidents, trauma due to interpersonal violence and done by the hands of those who are supposed to protect and love us will have a more profound affect on our perception of reality and who to trust. Our sense of the world, human relationships and social behaviors are all impacted. No one is immune to this experience.

Non-traditional victim services is not limited to just counseling needs. It also includes assistance with child care needs while a client is looking for employment or paying for an additional month of storage while a client is staying at a shelter, because she has already lost everything and cannot bear to lose any more memories of her life and children.


skateboard moms  & sisters of shred char

Skateboard Moms & Sisters of Shred

The Skateboard Moms & Sisters of Shred's have donated funds from their annual charity event for the past three years to help assist survivors of human trafficking. Their donations helped support the Rising Above Scholarship, as well as victim services program needs. In the first year of the collaboration with the OCHTTF, they provided a summer skateboarding workshop. 

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