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Protecting a survivor's right to privacy, while figuring out a way to work collaboratively with the community to address holistic care is important to their well-being. If you are a volunteer or community organization that would like to support direct victim services, here are different ways we can help each other:

1. Be a trained Tier 3 or Tier 4 level volunteer with the Task Force.

2. Collaborate on victim services support projects. Ability to facilitate collaboration will depend on time and existing partnerships/projects already in place.


If you want to help victims of human trafficking, but don't know where to start we recommend attending our monthly general task force meeting. Learn about the problem, what's already being done, and where you think you may fit into the collaborative efforts.


The OCHTTF was built on creative ideas to find new and innovative approaches to support victims, in both traditional and non-traditional ways, that work for their personal healing process. Aligning with our mission, we welcome community collaboration to help us work towards improving victim support services and survivor resiliency.

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