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High School Friends

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Higher Ground Youth & Family Services

Engaging the entire person to facilitate exploration and discovery of life's possibilities through mentorship. Expanding purpose, possibilities and hope for youth and families at-risk.

  • After school program and peer support

  • Prevention curriculum presented to middle and high schools students

  • Involved in the OCHTTF's Community (Re)Integration Subcommittee


Orangewood Foundation: Project CHOICE

Empowering youths ages 11-21 years to take back their power of choice, through a survivor centered and strengths based approach, prioritizing the health, safety and stability of each youth. CHOICE stands for creating healthy opportunities and inspiring change through empowerment.


deserves a new start in life

Breaking the cycle of violence

Girl in Therapy

focuses on your well-being first

Supporting mental health

Cleaning Service

as a victim 

Know your rights


Shelter and Housing 

Grandma's House of Hope

Empowering the invisible population of Orange County. When our good works are done, we envision a thriving, supportive community full of caring and productive individuals where everyone has a safe place to call home.

Orangewood Foundation: Lighthouse

Transitional housing for youth survivors of sex trafficking in Orange County. The Lighthouse is a survivor-centered, trauma informed, transitional housing program for women ages 18-22, who are survivors of sex trafficking. 

The Salvation Army: Anti-Trafficking Services

Our anti-trafficking services office is active in crisis response, recovery support and operates two shelters for trafficking survivors as they journey from crisis recovery to self-sufficiency. The Guest House serves foreign-born victims and Thatiana's Home is a safe house for domestic survivors. Thatiana's Home is the first 24-hour staffed emergency safe home for victims of sex trafficking in Orange County. 


With a vision to of ending the cycle of violence and exploitation, the mission is to help individuals and families escape the depths of domestic violence and human trafficking. To do so, WTLC provides the tools and resources to build self-esteem and empower people for independent living. Bridge housing is the largest residential program in Orange County for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.

  • Case manager support empowering self-determination and independent living

  • Accepts pets, male, female and LGBTQ adults

  • Involved in the OCHTTF's Victim Service Provider Subcommittee


Therapy and Mental Health

Casa de la Familia 

Ensure long-lasting mental health success of individuals who have experienced psychological trauma, anxiety, or depressive disorders through the provision of culturally appropriate mental health treatment, advocacy and outreach. 

  • Individual counseling, family and group counseling

  • Outreach in Orange County and Los Angeles County

  • Involved in the OCHTTF's Victim Service Provider Subcommittee


Immigration and Legal Services

Public Law Center

Serving a wide range of clients, including immigrants, minorities and low-income residents, the Public Law Center provides extensive legal support for human trafficking, asylum, and domestic violence.

  • Immigration relief assistance as a victim of crime

  • Civil court navigation and support

  • Involved in the OCHTTF's Victim Service Provider Subcommittee



i-5 Freedom Network

Smiling Chef

to dream again

It's possible 

To provide survivors life skills for a path forward and away from a life of human trafficking. To empower the hospitality industry to become heroes in the fight against human trafficking. To mobilize entire communities to join the fight to end human trafficking. 

  • Way2Work Skills for Success leadership training course for survivors 

  • Hotel Readiness Assessment hospitality training

  • Involved in the OCHTTF's Community (Re)Integration Subcommittee



Empower survivors of human trafficking by providing education, mentorship and long-term employment opportunities in a safe and supportive environment. The innovative solution is to build commissary kitchens that will support up to 10 food trucks per location. 

  • Paid training in the food service industry

  • Long-term employees advance within organization or leave with skills to be successful independently

  • Involved in the OCHTTF's Community (Re)Integration Subcommittee


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