The Orange County Transportation Authority launched the “Be the One” campaign in 2014, with a targeted campaign to raise awareness and encourage the community to help potential human trafficking victims.  Because human traffickers and their victims often take public transportation. OCTA launched the “Be the One” program to transform its buses into safe havens on wheels.  OCTA has trained hundreds of coach operators to identify and help victims and encourages everyone in OC to “be the one” to say something.


Each January since, in recognition of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, OCTA has joined with the rest of the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force to draw attention to what is often called modern-day slavery. Through fraud, force, and/or coercion, human traffickers force defenseless victims, often women and children, to provide sex or labor.


OCTA is using messaging on buses, bus stops, social media, and ads to raise awareness of the problem and empower all of Orange County to fight back. Anyone can Be the One to make a difference.


Be The One





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