"The victim was amazing on the stand. With two pretrials and a jury trial it took a lot out of this young girl. I saw a lot of courage from sitting on the stand for six days, having to relive the trauma and testify against a man who she honestly thought she cared for. I have to say, every time she testified it was like a piece of her mind opened up to the reality of the situation she was in.


The victim broke down on the stand several times, but always came back with a stronger attitude and willingness to push forward even if the questions seemed to be repetitive to her. During the first pretrial she was on the stand for four days. During the second pretrial she was on the stand for seven days and for the jury trial she was on the stand for six days.


Personally, I sat with her for the second pretrial and jury trial; and that was physically, emotionally, and psychologically draining for me. I can't imagine someone so young having to do that three times let alone without having any support system with her. I needed emotional support after that.

(Update two years later) I feel a sense of relief knowing that she is in a good space. I am also proud that she has come up with her own conclusion and is processing what has happened to her. To see her come so far, really brings forth that statement of planting seeds."


                                                                                                                                                                                                           - Victim Advocate

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