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Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force is in the business of changing and shaping lives. It is aimed at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges. We make sure our partners are empowered by creating opportunities for individuals and communities.


This class is designed for first responders and gives and overview of Human Trafficking. This class will discuss the three different aspects of dealing with Human Trafficking: Enforcement, Prosecution, and Victim Advocacy. It is intended to give first responders an awareness of Human Trafficking Investigations and knowledge of what is needed at the patrol level for successful prosecution of these cases. This class will also contain aspects of victimology, new trends, and case studies. This is not a POST certified class. There is no set training schedule for this class and only made available as scheduling permits. It is a free class offered for sworn law enforcement and first resonders in Orange County.

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The 3-day Human Trafficking class will have survivors debrief their experience with questions and answers to help with expertise. It will teach different types of Human Trafficking occurring and new trends that are developing. The class will discuss laws and legislation that has been implemented and how it affects law enforcement. It will give patrol officers, investigators, and supervisors additional tools to recognize Human Trafficking indicators occurring within their communities and options when taking enforcement action. Upon completion of the training, an investigator will be able to utilize a variety of tools for a successful investigation, takedown, and prosecution of the organization or criminal enterprise. 

Day 1:

Intro to Human Trafficking

Working Collaboratively

Human Trafficking Laws & Definitions

Day 2:

Investigations & Operations

Interview Techniques

Victim-Centered Approach

Day 3:

Case Debriefs

Advanced Investigations

From Streets to Courtroom

Digital social media


If you are interested in putting together a law enforcement training for your department or county, advanced scheduling is required based on the availability of our Investigators and Prosecutors. Our trainers have traveled to different counties to train law enforcement and prosecution on Human Trafficking. Other types of training request would be a Task Force training and how to start one, and who should be included as a key stakeholder.

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